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You have to take into account four main advantages:
  1. The actual contact with the Cuban people which is, undoubtedly, one of the main attractions of Cuba. If you spend your holidays in a hotel you will never be in touch with a real Cuban family. That’s why the best way to know the customs and traditions of our magic island is to lodge among us.
  2. Prices. Is cheaper to stay in a private room than in a hotel’s room. Besides, in many cases you will have the same comfort than in the best hotels. Saving some money in the lodge you will be able to extend your stay in Cuba.
  3. You can not have Cuban guests in official hotel rooms. If you stay in a private accommodation you can invite your friends to your room. Of course, you have to manage this license with moderation.
  4. You can learn or practice your Spanish with your landlords and, if you are not very keen on learning foreign languages, in some cases the landlords also speak English.

Generally you will pay at cash once you arrive to the reserved place. Nevertheless, there are luxurious houses and apartments and also some owners of houses in the beach that require a small deposit in advance to assure a reservation. In these cases, we will give you all the details for you to transfer the required amount.

The day of your arrival we can assure you pick up at the airport with a taxi driver of our confidence.

When you arrive to the airport you should have all the information of the house where your are going to be living, for example, address and name of the owner of the house. We will give you all this information.

There are a few houses that rent 5 or 6 bedrooms. If this is not enough, we can assure you reservations in several apartments of a building or in several houses in a same block. We would send you pictures of all the rooms you would book.

Yes, some of the houses or apartments with connection to this site are specially prepared to offer you the best conditions for you and your baby or small kids.